What is Meet We?

What is Meet We?


How did the idea come about?

We love all things carnival.
What we don’t quite like is the hassle of trying to find our carnival band while they are in motion.

Events are now as much a part of the carnival agenda as the actual parade of the bands. Event promoters have become skilled at crafting unique venues in remote and non-traditional places. While we enjoy the ambiance and appreciate the creative talents involved, we feel less anxious about going to remote and non-descript locations when we know exactly where we are going and how to get there and back.

Carnival and events are intimate events on a large scale meaning that at any given point in time you can be surrounded by thousands of people all having a good time. This makes losing your friends and family members in a crowd very easy. Like time, carnival and events wait for no one so we prefer to enjoy this time with our friends as opposed to searching through the crowd to find them.

We assume that there are others who share both our love and frustration and created Meet We to solve three simple problems:

1. There is no reliable way to track carnival bands in motion: Meet We allows users to not only locate and tract their band but any participating band.

2. Being present at that exclusive event gives you social credibility – Meet We helps you to get there and back home without issue.

3. Only thing better than fun is having fun with friends and family- Meet We keeps you connected to those who matter most to you.

Download the Meet We app today!

Meet We is a hybrid platform app which is available for use by both android and iPhone users.
$1.99 - available in the Apple App Store and Google Play store.